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Student Liability Insurance Coverage- $75.00

Including a Free upgrade to Professional Coverage

Hands On Trade provides liability insurance and benefits for students of Massage Therapy, Cosmetology, Yoga, and moreWe cover students while they are in school and then upgrade them for free when they become licensed professionals.

Sign up before you get your license or certificate and save!

  1. We provide a student rate of $75.00 for one year (365 days) of liability insurance coverage.
  2. Students are then upgraded for free to professional coverage upon receiving their license or certificate. ($70 savings)
  3. They can then enjoy professional liability insurance for the remaining time of the policy year.

Students can sign up anytime:

  • When you begin school or while you are in school
  • Anytime before GRADUATION
  • During the wait-time before you receive your LICENSE

*A person is considered a student until they physically receive their license or certificate. In some cases the wait-time can be weeks after graduation.

Apply for student coverage!

*Simply fill out the regular application and check the box for the student rate.
*A student member would not have to pay the professional rate of $155.00 until they decide to renew, a year from the date of the original student purchase.

  • Students have the ability to work on family and friends while completing their education, provided they are under the direction of a school or clinic during that time. 
  • If the school provides students with insurance coverage, No Problem. They can still Sign up at the student rate until the day that they receive their license.

We honor what you do! Call us for more information!

Liability insurance for massage therapy students, cosmetology students, yoga students...