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Hands On Trade Association Benefits Package includes Professional Liability (malpractice) and General Liability (slip & fall / premises) Insurance coverage with $2 million of protection per year with $3 million aggregate.

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$155.00 Professional Membership
$75.00 Student to Professional Membership**
**(Students can sign up any time before they physically receive their license or certificate.)
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Additional Insured Option

An Additional Insured is additional coverage for a building owner, landlord, or business that you/a practitioner, may be employed at or renting space from.

An Additional Insured enjoys the benefits of being insured under an insurance policy, in addition to the purchaser of the insurance policy. It arises when you need to provide insurance coverage for additional parties.

An Additional Insured must be a business and cannot be another practitioner or individual.

A $10.00 dollar fee will be added to your membership for each additional insured added.

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I authorize coverage issuance and the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge.
I shall comply with Hands On Trade Code of Ethics.
I shall comply with the iWantaSpa Biz Builder Terms & Conditions.
I understand that this policy is only a liability policy and this policy will not cover my property or contents in any case.
I understand that the billing statement on my credit card will read "Hands On Trade" and that this authorization is nonrefundable.

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